Sunday, June 27, 2010

Much to Blog!

Oh boy, have we had alot going on! Where to begin??
I guess we will start off with COLB....
She finally got the "light" command! I was sooo excited! She is also doing very, very well with her basics. We got her Easy Walk harness and it has almost completely stopped the pulling. I can easily walk her in the neighborhod without my shoulder being too stretched out. COLBEY has been very bored lately. I think she knows there is more for her to do than play in the backyard all day. I cannot go up the stairs to the kitchen (near the garage) without her flipping out. I took her for a walk this evening, which was the first time in a while, and oh my was she excited! She is such a great dog, I just love her to death! I can't wait till she can touch other's hearts the way she touches mine. :]
Okay, next is me!
I got the opportunity to go to Alderson to Emelia and Justin's bumps. It was so great. It gave me alot of insight into the program. There, I really realized this is want I want to do. I also made some "business" cards up to hand out if people want to learn more about p4p as I have COLBEY out in public. I think they look pretty cute. I will post them on here.
Well, actually I think that is all for now. Not as long as I thought it would be!
Liv and COLBEY

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