Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We are back into working :)

No more breaks for us....COLBEY and I have been busy since she finished recovering from her unexpected surgery.

Earlier this month we went to South Middle School in Morgantown to do a few presentations to the students about service dogs. OLIVER and Justin were both there and of course COLBEY. Justin did so well, I wish I had his public skeaking skills....but I'll get there! OLIVER was amazing as well. I was really impressed with his progress on "lift"...awesome. COLBEY did pretty well. She was pretty mouthy as I say, whining. But that was the first time she had worked in a very long time. Afterward, we went to Olive Garden. COLBEY did much better there. She has almost mastered "go in", yay! It takes her about ten minutes or so to settle in, but then she sleeps.

Then, last week I took her to Bob Evans and A.C. Moore. Bob Evans went very well. Agan, she just took some time to settle in, but after that she did great! A.C. Moore went really well too....she is really progressing well. I am so excited!

We hope to get out a few times this week :) and next week over Thanksgiving break.
Anndddd....next Friday the 26th is COLBEY's 1st Birthday!! We are having a little celebration at the house with doggie cupcakes I found online and presents. She is not spoiled at all.

All for now,
Liv and COLBEY

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