Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We are now Bloggers....Our Story

My 6 month old chocolate lab, COLBEY is getting prepared to become a social therapy dog through p4p. I got COLBEY at 8 weeks old from a wonderful litter of 8 lab puppies in NY. I fell in love with COLBEY from the moment I held her....even though she was a load at 16.5 pounds at 8 weeks! She was such a calm, mellow, easy puppy from the start. She rarely had potty accidents, and was content to just lay by my side and maybe chew on a toy. At 12 weeks COLBEY attended a puppy class where she learned basic obedience skills. I, and the instuctors were amazed by her disposition. From there, I knew she was capable of so much more.
I knew about p4p from my half sister Grace Meek, who has a service dog, COLT. I got in contact with Mr. Henry and he was eager to help COLBEY and learn about therapy service. He evaluated COLBEY at 4 months old, and she passed! Since COLBEY was not old enough to wear a vest, we worked on food discipline, basic obedience skills, and lots and lots of socialization for two months! COLBEY is 6 months old today, so we are legally allowed to start further training and such.
COLBEY and I visited the prison this week. I learned alot about the DOGS and the inmates and the program in general. I am very excited to begin this journey with p4p. I have always adored animals and I have wanted to be a vet since I was 4 years old. My ultimate dream would be to work for p4p as a trainer and vet tech, and maybe even the breeding department. Look for new adventures in Olivia and COLBEY's world soon!
Love, Liv and COLBEY

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