Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Commands..Continued..

We continued what we did on Tuesday this evening. COLBEY has got "jump on" and "lap" down perfectly. I may have made the mistake of having her "kiss" one time while she was on my she does it every time...Oh well! She is still kind of confused on "get it." I will say "get it" and she just looks at me, so then I pick it up and show her to get it with her mouth....she just gives me this look like you can reach it so why should I "get it?" She is such a stinker sometimes. I caught her today picking up one of my little sister's toys and I immediately told her to "drop it" and she walked over to me and held it in her mouth until i held out my hand for her to drop it I guess we are getting somewhere. I hope to have "light" down pretty soon. I just want her to have a concept of a lot of commands since I don't know exactly what she will do in the future, and I'm trying to keep her "polished" so she is able to be the best she can! :]
I recieved our ID cards in the mail this week too! They are great. And I ordered p4p shirts for myself...I can't wait to get them in!
All for now,
Olivia and COLBEY

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