Thursday, August 5, 2010


We have been busy since COLBEY achieved her vest....

First we went to our local mall. All was well until we were rudely addressed by security officer... The officer told me I had to be blind or deaf to have COLBEY in the mall. Needless to say, I reported the officer to her supervisor. After we left the mall I contacted Kyria about the situation so we could straighten things out that way there is not any future problems. So far Kyria or I have not had any luck contacting the people we need to. Tomorrow I plan on trying to talk to the supervisor if all goes well. So...I will let you know how that goes.

Okay, now to the good part....

We took COLBEY to Ohio with us this past weekend for our vacation/family reunion! We took off on Thursday evening and arrived late that night. Friday morning we got up and went to the zoo! We were only there for a few hours, which was plenty. COLBEY did great in such a crowded not to mention HOT place. She stayed right with me, and listened to all her commands. We took a few breaks in some air conditioned places to rest, which was perfect. After the zoo, I decided COLBEY needed to rest the rest of the day. We left her at the hotel (with the front desk knowing she was in our room) and headed to eat dinner.

Saturday was a relaxed morning. We were to be at the family reunion at 1pm, so we went to the mall for lunch. We parked on the opposite end of the mall and walked to the food court. Again, COLBEY did great...and we were not approached by any officers :]. The food court was COLBEY's first dining experience. It took her a few minutes to settle in and lay down for good, after that she slept. I was very impressed. After the mall we headed off to the reunion. COLB was pretty tired. I brought her collapsable kennel, so she was in and out of that. There was also a very nice playground that COLBEY and I played on. I am going to try and upload the videos I have of us. Sunday we had a brunch at our cousins home. I left COLBEY off duty of course. She enjoyed watching all the kids run and play and mommy played some ball with her. Sunday afternoon, again we went out to the mall and COLBEY stayed at the hotel, since Saturday was such a long day for her. Monday we went to COSI. COSI did not go as well as I had hoped. COLBEY was fine and well behaved at first, but that wore off after about an hour. After paying, and doing a few things on the first floor, we went into the space exhibit....I will even say it was very loud in there, and I think COLBEY just went into high gear then. I recognized she was very stressed so we went out into the main area to relax on a bench. After I thought she had cooled off we started walking. There was a power chair in the distance and for whatever reason that spooked her....she just immediately sat in the middle of the hall, and I had to get her to move with treats. She has never done that before. I figured we better go outside and just leave the whole atmosphere. We sat outside for a good half hour before going back in. We ate in the little cafe of COSI and she did just fine. Slept the whole time. Hoping she had recuperated I tried to get to see a little bit of the museum, my mom was going to find a quiet spot to chill out. Unfortunately, there were none except downstairs in the cafe. I took COLBEY to the cafe in a corner where we stayed until we all left. I think she was just ready to be home, because when we got home, she slept all night until 10 (usually my wake up call is her at 7) and she slept about 6 hours straight on Tuesday. She is very happy to be home and I don't plan on taking her anywhere until next week.

Well, I appologize in advance because I probably will not update again until the week of the teens. I am having my wisdom teeth taken out next week :/. I will be working and working on my forever long list of things to do until then.

Thanks for reading!

Olivia and COLBEY

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