Friday, September 17, 2010

What we have been doing.....

COLBEY and I are doing well. We went to Panera together last week for our first outing in a while. COLB did pretty well. I originally planned on putting her under a booth, but they were too tight for her to fit into. So, we took a seat in the corner and I put her behind me. At first, she kept popping up to smell the food. She settled down after I "talked" to her for a minute to tell her she was working, and needed to be good. After that she slept, and I got to eat. Once we were finished at Panera, we took her to the park. It was a really quiet park, down in a valley, so I let her off lead, and she loved it! I don't let her do things like that often. I was really proud of her...she did really good for not being out in a long time.
I do think COLBEY is getting ready to start her first heat, so I am giving her a break until I know for sure. She has not been listening very well (which is not like her), her belly and nipples are swollen, and we had a visiting boy dog in the house below ours that neighbors our fence...anytime he was out COLBEY went crazy, trying to jump the fence and carrying on.
Also, this past Tuesday I went to the prison in Morgantown....after we went to the wrong one at Hazelton. It was very nice. I got up and spoke to tell everyone my story, and about COLBEY. It was fun...I love doing these things. It gets me prepared for what I want to do. I am a senior this year in high school, so I am thinking about schools and all that fun stuff. I would like to either go to Bergin or the new school at UNCW. Well, I will write again soon...I gotta go take care of my whiny girl. :) lol
Liv and COLB

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