Saturday, October 9, 2010

COLBEY's Surgery....

Well....COLBEY and I had a very rough day yesterday. Yesterday morning we were planning on leaving to go see the new puppies in VA. Right before we were ready to leave COLBEY found my old razor blade head in the trash and decided to chew it up. I found four blades but I could not find the fifth one. So, we took her into the vet for x-rays. Sure enough the fifth one was in her belly.
I spoke with several vets to see who could treat her the fastest and who was the most cost effective. Cheat Lake Animal Hospital could see her the quickest so we took her up there. They did some blood work and reviewed her x-rays from the other vet clinic. The dr. said she could pass the blade on her own but at any point in time it could turn and really hurt something inside. I couldn't take that risk so I decided to go ahead with the exploratory surgery.
COLBEY was in surgery for just a little over an hour. She did excellent with it. The dr. did a full exploratory of her abdomen and everything checked out great. No injury due to the blade. They also found some hair, grass, and two huge chunks of raw hide in her stomach....she is so rotten! She was pretty pathetic yesterday evening. Her tongue stuck out the side of her mouth for a while and she had a really hard time laying down. Finally around midnight I got her to lay down and sleep. She did really well all night. Only got up once at 2:30am she was sitting up crying so I had to make her lay back down. She got up around 8am this morning to potty and then went back to sleep till around 11am. Today she is acting like nothing ever happened. She ate some rice and took her meds. I am staying home with her this weekend and hopefully she will start to feel better soon....I think she already is. I am so glad we caught everything in time and got Miss COLBs taken care of.
Please keep COLBEY in your thoughts and prayers for a full and quick recovery! We have training to do!
Olivia and COLBEY

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