Monday, October 11, 2010

Update on COLBEY

COLBEY is doing excellent after her surgery. She is acting like nothing ever happened. She is still on her rice and chicken diet and on her antibiotics and pain pills. She has been doing alot of resting! COLBEY did throw up for the first time in the middle of the night last night and also this morning she was oozing a little bit from her incision. I spoke with the vet this morning and she said she is probably just being a little too active...which yesterday she did not do as much resting. She suggested putting a belly band around her to make her feel like she in injured. Also, we may start her on Reglan or Pepcid if she continues to vomit or switch her antibiotics but hopefully we will not need to.
I have been busy catering to Miss COLB but today I have to go back to school. My mom will be taking care of her for me while I'm in class.
Please continue to keep COLBEY in your thoughts and prayers for her complete recovery.....and for her to settle down!
Thanks a bunch!
Olivia and COLBEY

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